How to Start an Online Casino Slot Game

To start playing, double-click the icon on your desktop to launch the casino lobby. Select Practice Mode or Play for Real Money, log in, then click on the Slot Machines tab and select the type of slot game you wish to play (e.g. Classic Multi Line, Video 50 Line etc) and finally, select the specific slot game you wish to play – there are lots to choose from. Your slot game will open in a separate window.

To begin playing an online casino slot, you need to choose the amount of money you want to bet with. Click the Bet One button to add one coin to the current round of online casino slots or click the Bet Max button to bet the maximum amount allowed in the game.

Once you’re happy with the amount you want to bet with, click the Spin button. This will activate the reels, making them spin quickly. Press Stop at any time to bring the reels to a halt or wait for them to stop automatically.

Once the reels have stopped spinning, check them for winning combinations. If you have three or more matching symbols, you’ll be entitled to a payout. Have a look at the game’s pay table for information on each symbol, combination and how much money you can win. Pay tables vary for different games.


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